Celebrating 175 years | Tshering Lham
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Tshering Lham

I am from Bhutan, I studied in Loreto College , Darjeeling ( now known as Southfield College) from the years 2004-07….during my stay, I enjoyed the new atmosphere with new teachers and friends from all over India.
I am ever grateful to Loreto…. I still remember Sister Marilla telling my sibling that I walked in to Loreto like a rat and now I was ready to move out like a tiger…. bold and confident. I always treasure being in Loreto with cross cultural students… I did not just learn knowledge but also the life skills of being who I am…. thank you Loreto for making me a part of you…. I still uphold its values and that makes me a better person every day.
Because of Loreto, I am today able to make my journey to Australia. Loreto helped me to explore myself and to follow my dreams. At present I am doing my Masters in International Business. Three cheers to Loreto!!!!