Celebrating 175 years | Sr Bernadette Lepcha
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Sr Bernadette Lepcha

Memories of Loreto Convent Lolay 
Loreto Lolay, a quiet place on the top of the hill, surrounded by the glorious heights of Kanchanjanga is a place of peace and wonder. As I go down memorylane a mesmerizing scene catches my eye. At that time Loreto sisters had just arrived and had started a school at the request of the local people. The school building was still under construction so we had our classes in the open air. Just in front of the convent was a huge tall Pine tree and in its shade I began my schooling. I have the happiest and most joyous memory of learning to recognize the Alphabet,numbers,fruits,birds,animals etc. under that tree. That was a place of freedom, laughter and joy. We used to make a long line and sing a song that was taught by one of the sisters which goes like this; ” A small toy train of Darjeeling has reached the Batashe and its moving slowly with the sound of Kooooonnn… Chuck….Chuck….chuck….” and as we imitated the sound of the train we joyously went round and round the tree. That sound of gaiety and laughter used to resound in the quiet part of the hills of Lolay.