Celebrating 175 years | SISTER ELIZABETH D’SOUZA
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My Alma Mater is Loreto Bowbazar. I entered its portals when I was five years old in 1945– dressed in white uniform, black shoes and socks and a navy blue tie! Though accompanied by my father, I entered with some trepidation as I was a shy and timid child.
I was overawed by the presence of the Principal, Mother Gertrude who was dressed in a white, flowing robe, black veil, black girdle and a large rosary hanging from the waist. As time went by I began to enjoy the atmosphere and began to feel at home under the guidance of Mother Gertrude (affectionately known as ‘Gertie’) and the other Sisters, Margaret and Rosario. We learnt to reach out to others through their example.
Sometimes when I recall the fun and frolic and the experiences of those days, I am filled with gratitude to God for all that I learnt on the precincts of Loreto in LDS, Bowbazar.