Celebrating 175 years | Sister Claire MacFarland
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Sister Claire MacFarland

I studied in Loreto Convent, Lucknow for twelve years. Such memories…..good and not so pleasant  (like PROCLAMATION once a month!) Art, Trinity College singing exams, sewing and embroidery, Hygiene and Physiology, Botany and the usuals- with Urdu and French (alas, not much remains of these two)! How much ahead of the times—before independence, and we had to have Indian dances and singing at all concerts. I remember walking the city in a “crocodile” on Saturday and Sunday evenings; cricket, netball and badminton; school sports; midnight feasts (I was a boarder); Chirelta every morning; daily Mass and Rosary, processions to the Grotto; the Superior’s Feast Day when the whole school had a party with games and dancing; dancing in the hall on Saturday and Sunday after dinner; Munshiji in a red tasselled fez, some wonderful, human teachers. In public I called it a jail, but in my heart it was home and ever so cherished. Yes, I remember the non-stop piano practice during study time, stealing tomatoes and chillies and amla from the garden….

I said I’d never be a teacher—and here I am—a fish out of water, without a class! L. C. L. I love you.