Celebrating 175 years | Ms Judith D’Souza
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Ms Judith D’Souza

Loreto Sealdah marked the formation of many values that I cherish in my adulthood. Deep friendships that span across spatial and time differences and have stood the test of time when there was no facebook or whatsapp, only snail mail. Today I have the privilege of celebrating more than 33 years of friendship with my closest friends. Cross cultural engagements with friends from different communities – learning to live in harmony and respecting each other- things that today are increasingly being seen as a hindrance. A deep sense of social responsibility was instilled in us through various social activities and to learn not to be passive actors but to proactively fight against social injustices. We were further enriched by our rural experiences and in learning how the other half lives. One begs to ask the question is a school only to teach us to read and write, or to learn to always be in competition with others and not yourself? For me, my school was a playground for “learning while doing”, a space where learning about life was more valuable than marks. After all, life, is the big exam.