Celebrating 175 years | Ms Ratna Rajan
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Ms Ratna Rajan

Loreto has been my extended family for a quarter of a century! In the summer of 1992, I entered the gates of this esteemed establishment with nervous excitement, hoping to be one of the lucky parents whose daughter gets to be a Loretoite, but little did I know that we would be welcomed with such warmth and open arms. The informal and delicate style in which the late, Sister Marina, had a little chat with my then 4 year old, and enquired about my experience as a maths teacher is etched in my memory to this day. I knew from that moment, that Loreto was not an ordinary school, it was an institution, a way of life that upholds traditions and is yet ever-evolving and forward thinking. That day we went back with a place in the school for my girl and for me as a teacher. My daughter completed her entire schooling in Loreto and I proudly continue to serve Loreto to this day, from being a class teacher, maths teacher and as the School Coordinator I wish to keep doing so until the day I retire. I have had the good fortune to visit our extended Loreto family in Kolkata, Darjeeling, Shimla, England and even South Africa! Everywhere I went, my commitment and devotion to Loreto was strengthened. But the place that moved me the most was York, where I visited Mother Mary Ward’s grave, I stood there in awe, wondering what a powerful and revolutionary young woman she must have been, breaking stereotypes and going against the odds in the 16th century, to bring girls into education. It was a movement she began and that continues to grow stronger with every girl who becomes a proud Loreto girl .
Ms.Ratna Ranjan
Loreto Convent School
New Delhi