Celebrating 175 years | Agnes Biswas( Sarkar)
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Agnes Biswas( Sarkar)

I live in the UK with my family but my roots are in India. I did my schooling from Loreto Day School Elliot Road and graduation from Loreto College , Kolkata. I have been teaching in London for the last sixteen years in a Primary School
As I always say, ‘Loreto is Loreto, an institution beyond compare……’ Loreto is like a massive family with the nuns and teachers nurturing the young ones and teaching them to fly off to a better and more prosperous life. The Loreto ideals of humanity, respect, love, compassion, charity, generosity, inculcated in all to make each individual a better and a more wholesome person is what I cherish.
After all these long years, Loreto still means ‘home’ where one can return to at any time. Loreto is my inspiration, my stepping stone. My life would have been very different had I not been to Loreto. Thank you dear Sisters, teachers and all the kind staff who have left a great impression on my mind .I am truly indebted and grateful to Loreto. May the flag of Loreto continue to fly high!