Celebrating 175 years | Mary Ward Lay Associates
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Mary Ward
Lay Associates

Mary Ward
Lay Associates

The first time ever in the history of Loreto in India, Mary Ann Gupta, Grace Williams, Suzanne Rozario, Maria Meena Das, Rupa Gupta, Salomi Ekka and Valerie Gomes, after two years of Spiritual formation commited themselves as Mary Ward Associates in a moving Eucharistic celebration, following in the footsteps of Mary Ward.

Early Members of Mary Ward Lay associates

The Mary Ward Associates was first established on 23rd January 1997. It was Mary Ann who thought of the idea and spoke to some of her friends who felt a sincere need to give back to Loreto some of what all of them had received. With the support of Sr. Monica Alphonsa and Sr.Tressia began the journey of 15 members under the guidance of Sr. Lucy Burnes, IBVM, They decided to serve the kingdom of God as lay women in serving the old and infirm, giving instruction classes to prepare children for First Holy Communion and confirmation and animating the Youth.

Today there are 34 members from all our Loreto schools in Kolkata. The group meets once a month under the guidance of a Loreto Sister to share on their faith Journey.


Some time is also given to study Mary Ward. The group also undertakes a project reaching out to the poor and marginalised. Right now the project undertaken is Teaching the children of “Jyotinagar”. (Once a week the members of the Associates from all the Loreto Schools go out after their classes to help the children with their study. These children go to Govt. schools).

During Christmas a Christmas party is held for the poor children and also two families are helped every month with rations.


Retreats or Recollections are held for the members of the group. The Associates also adopt a life of daily prayer which includes Scriptures readings, spiritual reflection and reception of the sacraments. Once a year the group make a commitment or promise summing up their principles and ideals.

The group generate their own fund by way of contribution towards the projects and programmes. The Mary Ward Associates have completed 19 years under the Guidance of the Loreto Sisters Lucy Burnes, Antoinette, Beatrice, Mary D’Souza and Stephanie.